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How to prepare for your glmaour or boudoir video shoot.


  1.  I recommend moisturising your skin regularly on the run up to the day, as well as applying a light moisturiser on the morning of your shoot. As you will have a lot of skin on show, hair removal is important too but we recommend getting this done a couple of days before, or on the morning if this works for you.
  2. Tanning is optional and will often reflect your own personal style. Whatever you decide to go for, whether it’s the beautiful pale look which works well for pin up boudoir styles, or a golden sun kissed tan which will complement a more modern look to the video, please ensure it is professionally done to ensure a streak free finish.
  3. Nails should be neat and manicured to your own personal taste and eyebrows should be shaped to reflect the style of your video.
  4. Hair usually styles best when not freshly washed so we advise that you wash your hair the day before, and arrive without it styled and with no product in it. Hair extensions can add that extra volume of glamour when needed, however this should be fixed before your shoot.
  5. Please come makeup free on the day, with a light layer of moisturiser on your skin and wear loose fitted clothing to avoid strap lines from socks, bra etc.   Glamour Boudoir Video Production

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