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Do not underestimate the importance of glamour photography make-up.
For glamourous men we lightly dust you down with translucent powder and groom your hair if applicable
Ladies, we spend up to 1 hour making sure you’re looking camera ready.

We take a lot of pride in this department, and as soon as you look at the difference you’ll feel more confident.
The result is better glamour and boudoir images, images that will compliment our retouching skills, which you can view below.

Image result for fancy line

Body and face make-over

  •  Adjusting skin tone
  •  Enhancements of eyelashes
  •  Whitening, resizing/reshaping teeth
  •  Saturation and enlargment of lips
  •  Removing dark circles under the eyes
  •  Removing or smoothing lines and wrinkles
  •  Smoothing skin texture (e.g. pores, bumps, etc.)
  •  Digital liposuction and slimming
  •  Breast enlargement
  •  Object Manipulation
  •  Removal or addition of objects or people
  • Background Changes

You can watch how we editing image and you can see before and after 😉

After Photoshoots Quickimage Editing by Cahit Ayden Photography, from C.Ayden on Vimeo.